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Online marketing for your online presence.

We help businesses generate amazing ROI with incredible web design, SEO and meta ads.

Stop wasting time and money on faulty/ineffective advertising campaigns and poor web designs.

 It's time to use your budget wisely. Scale your business and increase your revenue.

To get the right advice, book a video call with us now.

To me

Who is behind AMSK-Media?

My name is Sergej Kastanov and I have worked in various professional fields, but I have noticed that the digital aspect is becoming more important. I realised this when I saw an Instagram ad and started learning more about this topic. Once I mastered it, I learned more about SEO, web design, content creation and sales.
The decision to start my online marketing agency was almost predetermined.

Today I help companies strengthen their online presence and increase sales through innovative strategies.

Sergej Kastanov

The bitter reality of entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur is often associated with freedom, wealth and self-determination. But the bitter reality is often different. Behind the shiny facade of success and independence lies a multitude of challenges and pressures that entrepreneurs have to deal with on a daily basis.

Financial challenges

  • Lack of returning and new customers

  • No financial stability

  • Uncertainty about the future

Growth challenges

  • Purely profit-oriented marketing agencies

  • Lack of customer interest in the product/service

  • No sensible strategies to grow

Challenges of presence

  • Outdated and unattractive websites

  • Poor or lacking social media presence

  • Outdated marketing strategies

Let's be honest. The reality of entrepreneurship is challenging, but also full of opportunities. Being able to use these opportunities to your advantage to grow, be flexible, and build your network and client base is necessary in the current market.


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